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"Davey Richards is not just a wrestler, but an ever-growing student of the game. From training MMA and BJJ, to Catch Wrestling with me and constantly working to become better day by day and year by year. This paired with his wealth of in ring experience makes for an excellent coach and mentorship in the sport of Professional Wrestling. “

Josh Barnett

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Kenny Omega

I come from a smaller city that wasn’t geographically beneficial for professional wrestling. I had no connections, no family name, no favors. Long story short, there was no back door to get me where I wanted to be in wrestling or in life. I needed a plan of attack and to work really hard once I figured things out. It wasn’t until Davey took a chance on me - trusted to give me the performances I was incapable of up to that point - that I took the first step to “making it” on the indies. After an opportunity in ROH, we traveled as a team. Davey took care of the car, set our time table, researched gyms, etc. We were living like athletes that wanted to make this our lives. And when we didn’t know how to make fantasy become realist, Davey was there to keep us prepared as best as possible for the next step(s). I wouldn’t want to speak on behalf of him, but both Kyle (O’Reilly) and I made the best of it, saw the world, and mixed it up with most of its greatest performers.

If your story sounds like mine but you have a dream and wish to realize your full potential in wrestling, to trust Davey in your preparation is never a bad move. Why? Because once opportunity knocks, you’ll have pushed yourself to your limits, been pushed past them, and ready to make strides in the business based on your own efforts.

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Davey and I worked alongside each other for many years. During that time we went to battle together in matches that would help define the early part of my career. We learned and grew together. Davey’s intensity and work ethic are unrivaled. He pushed me to be my best. And so there is no doubt in my mind that training under Davey will bring the absolute best out of anyone looking to be a part of professional wrestling.

Seth Rollins/Tyler Black

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Honestly I wouldn’t be where I am in my career without teaming with Davey. I can speak from first hand experience whether as a team or against each other, Davey has some of the best knowledge in professional wrestling. He is familiar with every style of wrestling. whether it’s amateur , strong style, British style , Lucha or straight up tv style. He also has one of the craziest work ethics I’ve ever been around. Being a part of team ambition will put you on the right track for accomplishing your goal no matter what it is.

Eddie Edwards

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